Easy to set up, easy to use – docCreate plugin for WordPress streamlines your project documentation. Take the hassle out of managing your documentation by using our handy WordPress plugin.

Key Features

The docCreate plugin has a variety of features to provide you with everything you need to create and manage documentation. You will be able to add, edit and manage publications, chapters and articles as well as easily restructure the content as required. See below for a description and feature list of each of the key sections within the docCreate plugin.

  1. Publications
  2. Articles


Documentation creation UI - DocCreate

  • Add, edit and manage all of your publications
  • Drag and drop to reorder chapters and article content as required


  • Write your documentation articles with a variety of mediums such as text, video, images, code blocks and even audio content.
  • Categorise articles under chapters headings
  • Utilise heading tags to create an automated and navigatable content structure for your readers